Demand 9a: Conduct Policies

via community letter, Nov. 11, 2015: RESOLVED Spring, 2019

"Black student organizations are underfunded and over-policed. Forcing black organizations to collaborate with predominantly White organizations that are interested in surface level interactions and superficial celebrations of diversity is violent to the Black community at Emory University. Black student organizations are often told that their events are exclusive. These claims are unfounded because events are created specifically for Black students because they do not exist anywhere else on campus. Therefore, Black student organizations need more funding in order to help accomplish Emory University's mission to create a "community of care". Also, throughout Black organizations have been severely policed which has led to their expulsion from Emory University's campus for reasons that most organizations on campus are guilty of. We demand that there is a fair trial with a jury consisting of faculty, staff, and administrators of color, for each Black organization that may be suspended or expelled from campus. We also demand that there be a press release given to the entire Emory community (affiliates with email addresses) after a Black organization is suspended or expelled from Emory University."

  • The Office of Student Conduct implemented working group recommendations including modifying the student conduct website to make it more transparent and more user-friendly and is conducting an annual review of residential facilities to ensure equity in policies and enforcement. 
  • Efforts to add more diverse representation to the Conduct Council have met with mixed results with difficulty recruiting black faculty. 

Updated: July 2020