includes President, members of the President's Leadership Council, student representatives, and University Senate and Employee Council leadership

includes faculty, staff, student and alumni representatives as well as representatives from SGA, GSGA, the Dean's Council, Human Resources, Undergraduate Education, and the Emory College Faculty Senate

are staff and faculty members charged with leading working groups and facilitating the resolution of demands and initiatives

The Emory Commission on Racial and Social Justice is comprised of an Executive Committee, Steering Committee, and Social Justice Process Owners. 

The Executive Committee, which includes the President, members of the President’s Leadership Council, the Presidents of the University Senate and Employee Council, and students, creates the university’s vision for racial and social justice that guides the work of the commission and serves as a final point of accountability for timeline, structure, and outcomes. The Executive Committee decides when a demand or initiative has been resolved.

The Steering Committee, which includes ex-officio members and student, faculty, and staff representatives, advises the Executive Committee, CRSJ Co-Chairs, and Social Justice Process Owners.

The Social Justice Process Owners develop and advance strategies to achieve racial and social justice outcomes, chair demand or initiative working groups, and assess and report on progress and overall impact of strategies. SJPOs also support the integration of racial and social justice strategies into day-to-day operations.

Commission Meetings for 2017-18

The schedule is as follows: