Demand 8: Job Security

via community letter, Nov. 11, 2015: RESOLVED Spring, 2019

"Black administrators are told to stand by racist and problematic faculty in order to preserve the positive image of the University to media and investors. However, the fact that these threats are made point to the job insecurity that Black faculty and administrators face at Emory University. We demand job security for Black faculty and administrators when they are earnestly working on behalf of Black students."

Emory’s 2013 Respect for Open Expression Policy shields faculty and staff from retaliation around issues of free speech, but a perception of limitation can be as effective in stifling conversation as a real limitation. The human resources office now regularly reminds faculty and staff of their rights using three mechanisms:

  1. Initiated a training program for all newly hired or promoted supervisors regarding the Open Door Policy and Standards of Conduct Policy;
  2. Human resource newsletter regularly advertises the Open Expression Policy;
  3. Onboarding training for all newly hired staff and student employees include Open Expression Policy, Equal Opportunity, and Discriminatory Harassment Policy, and Trust Line information.

Updated: August 2019