Emory University is committed to providing support services to undocumented students to help ensure their success. Following is a summary of existing and new initiatives and projected timelines for implementation:

Financial support. Emory will provide ongoing financial support for current DACA students. (Continuing)

Privacy rights. We will respect the privacy rights of undocumented students. (Continuing)

Web page. We will develop a web page that centralizes current resources and new resources for undocumented students. (January 2017) 

Student organization. At the request of our undocumented students, Emory will support creation of a student organization that provides advocacy and community building for undocumented students. (March 2017)

Staff training. The university will coordinate trainings for staff members to help better meet the needs of undocumented students. (March 2017)

Research. We will continue to research practices at other institutions to enhance our programming and support services. (May 2017)

Engage alumni support. Emory’s school of law is currently identifying alumni with interest in assisting undocumented students and families at Emory. (May 2017)

Grants and research. Emory Law is also exploring creation of an immigration clinic and grant and research opportunities to aid in our support of undocumented students at Emory. (May 2017)

Community partnerships. We are also exploring several community partnerships that can assist us in developing a robust infrastructure to support undocumented students. (May 2017)

Dialogue. We will help “normalize dialogue surrounding individuals’ immigration status across the university” by engaging the issues in student orientation and other educational venues. (August 2017)