Demand 8: Job Security

via community letter, Nov. 11, 2015:

"Black administrators are told to stand by racist and problematic faculty in order to preserve the positive image of the University to media and investors. However, the fact that these threats are made point to the job insecurity that Black faculty and administrators face at Emory University. We demand job security for Black faculty and administrators when they are earnestly working on behalf of Black students."

Audrey Balan, Peter Barnes, Lynell Cadray, Sofia Charlot, Lynette Dixon, Michael Gadsden, Zachary Hermes, Del King*, Brandon Luton, Theresa Milazzo, Mekeshua North*, Judith Pannell, Alex Rogers, Oluwatisefunmi Taiwo, Chanel Tanner, Kadeem Trimble, Nathya Watson

*Social Justice Process Owner

Promote Trust Building Amongst Authoritative Persons

_ Provide adequate supervisor training regarding team building, trust building, and managerial responsibility. (January 2017)

_ Implement programs that hold supervisors accountable by promoting communications between staff and management and allowing employees to report misconduct or improvement suggestions. (January 2017)

Increase Communication of Open Expression Policy

_ Effectively communicate the nature of Open Expression Policy and how it affects students, faculty and staff. (Fall 2017)

_ Increase awareness of policy and what it covers. (Fall 2017)

_ Provide information on reporting misconduct or abuse of the policy. (Spring 2017)