Demand 5: Academic Support

via community letter, Nov. 11, 2015:

"Due to the historic and current systematic socioeconomic oppression of Black persons in America, we demand that Emory University institutionalize an academic support system for Black students. The history of limited educational attainment for Black students in America leads to the conclusion that not all Black students are adequately prepared for the rigor of Emory University. This ill preparation is not due to lower intelligence than their other racial counterparts, however; it is due to the limited resources (e.g. inability to afford private tutors, having to use outdated textbooks in their public schools, etc.) that most Black students have had to use when attaining their primary and secondary education. Therefore, we demand an institutionalized academic support hub for Black students to have access to and to receive tutoring, specialized study skills, and career mentoring. Emory University has not created a program in place to aid Black students who are unprepared for the academic rigor of Emory's preprofessional academic track. In regards to the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields, The Center for Science Education along with the Hughes Undergraduate Excelling in Science (HUES) program will be shut down in December. The Multicultural Outreach and Resources at Emory (MORE) program has a limit on how many students can participate to receive the academic support and social mentorship of its program due to lack of funding allocated to OMPS. Therefore, we demand increased funding for the MORE program for Fall of 2016."

✓ Established Clothing Closet in Career Center

 Awarded scholarships through Civil Scholars Program

 Recruited diverse peer leaders in academic support programs

 STEM Pathways summer program piloted (August 2016)

 Expanded STEM Pathways completed (summer 2017)

 Expanded efforts to recruit diverse student mentors and participants in academic support programs.

_ Biology and Chemistry faculty and PACE program implement plans for on-going support for STEM Pathways students through the first year.

_ Expand recruitment of participants and mentors in orientation, tutoring programs, undergraduate research, and national scholarships and fellowships.