Demand 4: Faculty Evaluations

via community letter, Nov. 11, 2015:

"We demand that the faculty evaluations that each student is required to complete for each of their professors include at least two open-ended questions such as: 'Has this professor made any microaggressions towards you on account of your race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, language, and/or other identity?' and 'Do you think that this professor fits into the vision of Emory University being a community of care for individuals of all racial, gender, ability, and class identities?' These questions on the faculty evaluations would help to ensure that there are repercussions or sanctions for racist actions performed by professors. We demand that these questions be added to the faculty evaluations by the end of this semester, Fall 2015."

✓ Formed working group (summer 2017)

 Outreach to benchmark institutions (summer 2017)

 Literature review on microaggressions and bias in teaching evaluations (summer 2017)

 Review of microaggression training materials (summer 2017)

_ Develop work plan (December 2017)

_ Complete benchmark analysis and initiate review by schools (April 2018))

_ Recommendation for training materials (April 2018)

_ Develop implementation plan for evaluation and training (July 2018)