Demand 12a: GED Classes

via community letter, Nov. 11, 2015: RESOLVED October 10, 2017

"We demand that there be a student led GED program or opening Emory classes to black workers at Emory (DUC, Cliff, Maintenance). We would like for workers to take classes at Emory but understand that they have limited break time and other restrictions due to their demanding, undercompensated and under-rewarded labor. We, from our own observations, do not like the mistreatment and exploitation of DUC/Cox workers, who are also forced to endure extreme discomfort. We demand that there is better treatment of the DUC/Cox workers and more comfortable conditions for them to work under."

✓ Working group concluded a GED program not necessary because high school diploma is a requirement to work at Emory and the program has been offered in the past with very low attendance

 Moved unaddressed aspects of the demand to Demand 7, then to 12b (fall 2017)