Demand 10: Faculty Recruitment and Retention

via community letter, Nov. 11, 2015:

"Currently, Emory 6.8% of faculty at Emory are black. Most faculty of color are comprised of African American studies professors and lecturer/adjunct professors. The African American studies department has been a great resource to Black students, however, they too can be overextended with their various appointments in other departments. Other faculty of color are adjunct professors/lecturers, who do not have job security and are not valued in their positions in their departments. Thus, we need black professors in all disciplines, traditional and nontraditional. We demand that there be an increase in the amount of black and Latino full time, tenure-track professors to 10% by the year 2017 in other departments/disciplines besides the African American Studies department. We also demand that better records are kept of faculty and staff of color demographics and are easily accessible by the student body. These statistics of professors' ethnicity are important for increasing accountability. We also demand that Black professors when in non-traditional or traditional disciplines must not be abused by the overwhelmingly white academy. Professors, too, need protection for the violent, racist and sexist incidents that they endure from their white colleagues in their departments."

Angela Amar, Sariyah Benoit, Nancy Bliwise, Lynell Cadray, Troizel Carr, Sumaali Chheda, Clifton Crais, Malkese Edwards, Greg Ellison, Victor Faundez, Maya Foster, Robert Franklin, Carla Freeman, Robin Forman, Andra Gillespie, TJ Greer, Leslie Harris, Earl Hill, Erika James, Tom Jenkins, Sophen Joseph, Jaffar Kahn, Tené Lewis, Robert Liu, Jan Love, Brandon Luton, Ellen Ott Marshall, Linda McCauley, Jasmine Ray, Abigail Sewell, Robert Schapiro, Pam Scully, Justin Shaw, Anand Swaminathan, Lisa Tedesco, Tristen Thompson, Kadeem Trimble, Nathyia Watson, Lynn Zimmerman*

*Social Justice Process Owner

Enhance Recruitment and Improve Retention of Underrepresented Faculty

_ Gather and analyze data on recruitment and retention of underrepresented faculty and identify key challenges. (Summer 2016)

_ Review programs, initiatives, and efforts at Emory to enhance diversity and excellence; identify gaps and potential synergies. (Summer 2016)

_ Organize retreat to draft action plan. (December 2016)

Address Campus Climate

 Conduct climate survey by Office of Equity and Inclusion. (Fall 2016)

_ Evaluate and assess outcomes and create review guidelines. (Spring 2017)