Demand 1: Communication Regarding Injustices on Campus

via community letter, Nov. 11, 2015:

"Emory University must recognize traumatic events that Black students experience on campus via the campus-wide emails sent to Emory University affiliates with email addresses. These events shall be reported to the Bias Incident report. We demand that the administration of Emory University make the broad contexts and situations reported to the bias incident report known to the entire Emory community via campus-wide emails in order to increase awareness to every community within Emory University about racism, sexism, ableism, classism, and other forms of injustice. In order to create a community of care the entire Emory University community (including all school divisions, faculty, staff, and students) must know the community's ills and collectively work together to combat them towards justice for all."

Adefolakunmi Adenugba, Faduma Ahmed, Max Blachman, River Bunkley, Sofia Charlot, NaVosha Copeland, Tomika DePriest, Liljuan Gonzalez, Andrea Grant, Chelsea Jackson, Sophen Joseph, Justin McCarroll, Maurice Middleton, Suzanne Onorato*, Lolade Oshin, Nancy Seideman, Michael Shutt, Faith Singleton, Olutisefunmi Taiwo, Raj Tilwa, Alyssa Weinstein, Leila Yavari, Alexa Yanar

*Social Justice Process Owner

Publish Yearly Data Report

 Publish 2015-16 report (on BIRT webpage) reporting themes and numerical data, as well as recommendations (September 2016)

Develop Guidelines for Sharing Bias Incidents

 Develop guidelines for communicating bias incidents, including variables and authorship. (November 2016)

 Develop communications flowchart depicting guidelines and how ELT/Emory Communications interacts during student-related or other ECL-related crises. (November 2016)

_ Use a case study, walk-through approach as a test run of guidelines. (December 2016)